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Run Time:

6 AM
Ben Peterson
29 Sep 2014
Distance: 6.1
Pace: 3:24 3:17 3:12 3:07 3:11
Weather: Good
Shoes: Adidas Tempo 6
Route: WKU Track

Comments: 1000m Repeats, felt great and had a solid workout for the first time in a while.

Run Time:

Ben Sweeney
17 Oct 2012
Distance: 10.76
Pace: 8:55
Weather: Cool
Shoes: Karhu Fast 2
Route: Campbell lane

Comments: It was a little hard this morning. But it felt pretty good.

Run Time:

09 Mar 2012
Distance: 5
Pace: 9:00
Weather: Great
Shoes: Brooks
Route: City Loop

Comments: Felt phenominal

Run Time:

P.J. Pethalsky
09 Sep 2011
Distance: 3.87
Pace: 8:39
Weather: Partly Sunny
Shoes: Scott eRide Grip
Route: Lost River Trail

Comments: Chris emailed me to inform me my new trail running shoes came in, so I had to take them for a spin this afternoon. They were a little stiff at first but started to loosen up at the end of my run. Didn't want to put too many miles on a brand new pair of shoes, but they definitely already feel like a keeper.

Run Time:

patrick folker
23 Aug 2011
Distance: 3.5
Pace: 7:04
Weather: sunny 85
Shoes: brooks
Route: mt. ayer

Comments: 800 repeats

Run Time:

46 min workout
Lilly Wheet
16 Aug 2011
Distance: 3 x 1600
Pace: 7:02 6:50 6:50
Weather: 65 degrees
Shoes: Pearl Izumi
Route: BG Track

Comments: felt strong